Monday, September 28, 2015

Park Ash tree adoptions a huge success!

Thank you to all who generously donated to protect our neighborhood park ash trees against the invasive Emerald Ash Borer.  Collectively as a neighborhood, we were able to adopt and treat every healthy and eligible Ash tree, which totaled 23 trees in Tenney park, 2 in Reynolds park, and another 11 in James Madison park!  This is truly an outstanding community accomplishment!

Each of these trees has now been treated by our local Madison-based contractor, Tree Health Management, who did fantastic work taking care of our Ash.  They used the city-approved Tree-age insecticide, which is effective against both current and future EAB infestation in the trees and provides complete protection for at least 3 years.  They also wrapped the trees with a characteristic green ribbon to help residents identify the adopted trees.  Similarly, the City of Madison Parks Department has permanently marked the adopted trees with blue spray paint, and the TLNA has created maps to help us all keep track of and facilitate future treatment efforts (see

Collectively, the neighborhood pooled together over $10,000 this summer to support this effort--an incredibly impressive and inspiring amount!  Many neighbors donated online through the newly created website, which was expertly built by neighbor volunteer Robert Lasseter.  There they contributed over $4500 for Tenney Park trees this Summer, and in just one month this Fall an additional $2000 for James Madison Park trees.  Other neighbors helped out by participating in and donating at this summer's inaugural Party in the Park, from which $412 was used to treat the Reynolds Park Ash trees.  We also were able to utilize a generous $3900 donation from Whole Trees to the City of Madison, made in honor of the Ash trees which they harvested from Tenney Park for use and display in the new Festival Foods.  As a result, we were able to fully fund treatment of all the neighborhood park trees, and have a great start on future funding to be used for retreatment and ongoing protection. 

Many thanks to all who participated and helped make this campaign a success.  It was a true neighborhood-wide effort, requiring the collaboration of everyone from our Alder, to City Parks staff, to the many neighbors who helped raise awareness and spread the word.  Most importantly, sincerest thanks (and congratulations!) to each and every person who donated and made this campaign such a huge success! 

Next time you find yourself in one of our beautiful parks, spend an extra moment to stand in awe of one of the extra 36 iconic Ash trees that now remain growing strong.  Not only do these trees provide the same great shade, enjoyment, and aesthetic that they always have, but they now also stand as monuments to the wonderful resolve, generosity, and care of our loving neighborhood.

-Tyler Lark

TLNA Parks committee

Thursday, August 27, 2015

James Madison Park

Due to the success in adopting and treating all eligible ash trees in Tenney Park this summer, we are now turning our sites towards James Madison Park, and hoping to adopt the 10 healthy ash trees there.

You can now contribute to the JMP community adopt-a-tree fund by donating through the link at the right.  Note that all of your tax-deductible donations made through this site over the next 30 days will be earmarked specifically to treat the trees in James Madison Park.  (similarly, donations made earlier in summer will remain earmarked for treatment of trees at Tenney park).   Thanks for your help and contribution!

A map and listing of the eligible ash trees in JMP is below.  Those marked in green are the top priority / healthiest trees, and those with yellow markers are potentially eligible trees, but may need re-evaluation by the city in order to adopt.

James Madison Park -- Ash Trees