Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A major milestone...

Donations to date now total $3640!   Such exciting progress and generosity from our community!  This total, in combination with a pending donation from Whole Trees to the City of Madison for use in treating Tenney Park Ash, should be enough to cover the first round of treatment for all 21 healthy trees identified as “adoptable” in Tenney Park!   Hooray!

BUT, our work is not complete yet.  Currently, a single treatment for prevention of EAB is only certified to protect the trees for 3 years, and thus a substantial number of donations are still needed if we are to truly “save” and protect these trees for coming generations. 

We’re hoping the treatments may last a couple years longer than certified, and/or that better treatment options will be available in a few years, but in the meantime, it’ll be important that we do all we can to ensure at least a second round of treatment is available a few years from now.  

Stay tuned--More updates will be coming soon as we hear back from contractors regarding treatment timing and total cost, and update our new map to highlight all the tree locations that have been adopted to date!

Thanks for your continued support!!  Keep sharing this info with friends and neighbors, and know that the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood and all who visit and enjoy Tenney Park are grateful for everything you are doing to help protect and preserve our beloved green space!

-Tyler Lark
TLNA Parks committee chair

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Donations are coming in, but many more are needed!

Update 6/11/2015:

Dear supporters of Tenney Trees, thank you for your generous contributions!!  The donations have begun to come in and add up, but there is still a long ways to go if we are to protect the remaining eligible trees, and ensure that they can be treated for years to come.

Donations to date total $2815.00.   Given a single EAB treatment costs about $11/inch of tree diameter, this would be enough for the initial treatment of 10-14 trees depending on tree size (most are around 20+ inches)!

This is fantastic progress and incredibly promising, however it is critical that we continue to raise money if we are to treat and protect all 21 trees that have been identified by the Parks department as healthy ash that can be adopted.  Furthermore, it's crucial to secure additional donations for future treatments, since the initial inoculation provides protection for only 3-5 years, after which all the trees will need to be treated again.  Yikes!  Thus, your help is still greatly needed!

Tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to spread the word, visit the website, and consider a donation that will directly benefit the trees and our park's urban forest for years to come.  All contributions are tax-deductible!!   Click the link to the right to easily donate now, and view the new map to see trees that need your help.