Thursday, August 27, 2015

James Madison Park

Due to the success in adopting and treating all eligible ash trees in Tenney Park this summer, we are now turning our sites towards James Madison Park, and hoping to adopt the 10 healthy ash trees there.

You can now contribute to the JMP community adopt-a-tree fund by donating through the link at the right.  Note that all of your tax-deductible donations made through this site over the next 30 days will be earmarked specifically to treat the trees in James Madison Park.  (similarly, donations made earlier in summer will remain earmarked for treatment of trees at Tenney park).   Thanks for your help and contribution!

A map and listing of the eligible ash trees in JMP is below.  Those marked in green are the top priority / healthiest trees, and those with yellow markers are potentially eligible trees, but may need re-evaluation by the city in order to adopt.

James Madison Park -- Ash Trees