Thursday, August 20, 2015

All Tenney Park Ash Trees have been treated!

Thank you so much to all who have donated to adopt the trees in Tenney Park!

Last month Tree Health Management, a local arborist company, treated 23 trees in Tenney Park for protection against Emerald Ash Borer!   All the treated trees have been wrapped with green tape marking their treatment, and tagged with an upside down blue “T” by the parks department to ensure that they do not get removed during the lagoon reconstruction project. 

Now that the construction project is underway, it is amazing how big of a positive difference those remaining 23 ash trees make in the Park!

Here’s some photos from the treatment:

 And a treated, labeled, and tagged tree:

Total neighborhood donations raised to adopt trees was over $4500--incredible!  This, in combination with a donation from Whole Trees through the City of Madison, is enough to not only cover the initial treatment of all 23 trees in Tenney this summer (~$4000), but also have a great start on future rounds of treatment and have a bit left over to help treat some additional trees at James Madison Park this summer.  What a great neighborhood accomplishment!

Thanks to your efforts, our beloved Park and neighborhood will remain a little greener and happier for the foreseeable future.   If you have any questions, did not receive a receipt for your donation, or are curious about other ways to continue helping our parks, feel free to send me an email directly at 

-Tyler & the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association

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